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Medical Foot Care

We Provide In Home and In Clinic Service To The Residents in Kingston & Surrounding Areas. 



Initial & Subsequent Foot Care

The advanced foot care nurse will take a health history: underlying disease, foot care history, and current medications.


Treatment includes:

  • Trimming and filing nails

  • Reducing thick nails with a podiatry electric drill

  • Callouses and corns reduced or removed

  • Treating fungal nails

  • Treating involuted and ingrown nails

Expect that you first appointment to take 45 minutes and follow up appointment take 30 minutes


Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are specialized garments that put therapeutic pressure on your legs in order to increase circulation and prevent swelling.  They are useful for people who spend prolonged periods of sitting and standing, or in those with venous diseases. Compared to traditional hosiery, compression stockings fit more snugly and use stronger elastic to apply a gentle squeeze to the legs and feet. The compression is highest around the ankles and gradually reduces as you go up the leg.

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Onyfix Ingrown Toenail Correction System

The Onyfix nail correction system is an innovative, painless and non-invasive treatment for recurrent and chronic ingrown and involuted (curved) toenails. It involves a composite material that is applied in a thin band directly on top of the nail. As your nail grows, the Onyfix band trains the nail to grow straight as opposed to curved – almost like a nail brace (but without the wires). This brings your toenail back to its natural, ideal shape, while providing immediate pain relief. It is especially effective for misshapen and “V-shaped” toenails


Nail Reconstruction

Offering cosmetic nail treatments for thick, discolored, or fungal nails ensures that our clients feel confident showing off their feet during summer or vacation.

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