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Nursing foot care clinic in Kingston

Step Forward Foot Care Kingston is a nurse led foot care clinic, it is specialized service that offers foot care treatments and advice to clients with various foot conditions. The clinic is typically run by experienced nurse who specialize in foot care, and provide a range of services such as nail trimming, callus and corn removal, treatment of fungal infections, and correcting of ingrown toenails.


The clinic is an ideal option for clients who have difficulty caring for their feet due to mobility issues, health conditions, or age-related limitations. The nurse in the clinic is trained to assess foot health and provide personalized care plans to help clients maintain healthy feet. She works closely with other healthcare professionals such as physicians, podiatrists, and physiotherapists to ensure that patients receive comprehensive care.


In addition to providing foot care treatments, the clinic also focuses on educating patients about foot health, including proper footwear, foot hygiene, and prevention of foot problems. Patients can ask questions and receive advice on how to care for their feet at home.


Overall, Step Forward Foot Care Kingston provides an essential service to clients who need specialized foot care. The clinic offers a comfortable and safe environment, and clients can be confident in the care they receive from experienced and knowledgeable nurse.

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