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What is ONYFIX?


The Onyfix nail correction system is an innovative, painless and non-invasive treatment for recurrent and chronic ingrown and involuted (curved) toenails. It involves a composite material that is applied in a thin band directly on top of the nail. As your nail grows, the Onyfix band trains the nail to grow straight as opposed to curved – almost like a nail brace (but without the wires). This brings your toenail back to its natural, ideal shape, while providing immediate pain relief. It is especially effective for misshapen and “V-shaped” toenails.

At Customized Foot Care Mobile Nursing Service, the foot care nurse can adapt the Onyfix nail correction system to your toenails’ unique shape and growth pattern. The entire treatment process – from application to follow-up – is completely painless. It is suitable for children, adults, people with diabetes, and those seeking a non-invasive solution for their ingrown toenails.

Watch the video below to learn more:

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